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Wear for Change

Do you want to be a socially conscious shopper and feel positive about supporting platforms that do work for the greater good? Do you want to make sure that women’s voices are not only unsilenced but heard for every moments worth? Then join The Boulevard West’s Wear for Change Campaign.

At The Boulevard West, we want all our customers to order for a cause as our team views educational empowerment to be a part of our DNA. Not only are women courageous and resilient but also deserving of every opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve their dreams. Here, at The Boulevard West, we want to partake in that narrative, a narrative that will not only educationally empower fellow women around the world but give them an avenue through which they can transcend their trials and tribulations.

With every purchase you make, a certain percentage will be contributed to our initiative Wear for Change which will support organisations and individuals working in the field of women education. You can also wish to donate more to one of our listed charities as we grow and expand our reach to not only create a better future but also change and enable lives for a brighter tomorrow.

Wear for Change, Be the Change because You are the Change.

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